Product design retainer for tech. Fast forward your startup with a 100% custom solution.

Get access to a senior designer. Fulfill any product needs with unlimited requests and revisions. All for a monthly cost with no extra fees.
Augment (FinTech), Lynx (SaaS), Refundid (FinTech), EduGrowth (EdTech), FirstBite (SaaS), 
StatDoctor (HealthTech), Maritime Technologies (SaaS) and more
Awesome multi-faceted designer! I have worked with him extensively particularly on web app UI design and couldn't recommend him more.
Jameson Pitts
Co-Founder @ Lynx
David is such an experienced designer. He helped us redefine our brand image and evoke our core values through our UI.
Joel Aaron
Co-Founder @ Refundid
David redesigned our web app from the ground up. He does great work, is thorough, quick when needed, receptive to feedback, and mostly importantly super easy to work with. He's a master at taking user stories and converting them to refined designs. David is also useful to bounce ideas off of and go into the weeds to snuff out inconsistencies in product requirements. At implementation time as changes inevitably need to be made, David has been flexible to adapt and dynamically reorder priorities to put out a product on time.
Noel Moldvai
Co-Founder @ Augment
David is a top designer and team player. He led design work for our website and webapp. Working with David = new ideas + quick turnarounds + quality. Recommend him for any design project.
Reed McCord
Founder and CEO @ First Bite
David did a great job with designing and launching our website. On short notice, he was able to come up with a design and strategy that really tapped into the brand ethos we were looking for.
Adam Crawley
Co-Founder @ Augment
What sets David apart is his keen understanding of the user experience. He does not settle for designing an aesthetically pleasing interface, he is committed to understanding the nuances of the industry he’s designing for. His research-based approach provides him with an intuitive grasp of how a design would effect and connect with its intended user group.David's work at his design studio, Humbl, is both exceptional and inspiring.
Justin Chua
Co-Founder @ Augment
David is a top notch designer and team player. Working with David = new ideas + quick turnarounds + quality work.
Reed McCord
Founder & CEO @ First Bite
David went above and beyond in ensuring the highest quality of service into developing our website.
Ariah Michel
Director @ Drinxfactory
David provided a professional service and great UI designs for the Refundid website.

My team came to David with a first draft of designs for the Refundid website, David was able to find technical flaws in our original drafts, mend these and also improve on the overall aesthetic of our website.

David has a great eye for creating professional UI designs and was able to generate some truly innovative ideas which assisted us reveal the Refundid brand to our customers.
Judd Katz
Co-Founder @ Refundid
why retainers
Having an A++ design can be tricky. As a startup, you have two options:
(expensive, slow turnaround, hidden fees)
(unreliable, often juggling multiple projects)
I offer a hybrid model that combines an employee (monthly cost), a freelancer (soloist) and agency (100% custom designs).
For a flat monthly fee (with no hidden costs) you will work with a senior designer who has over 5 years of experience with SaaS & FinTech products.
Choose between two packages - with or without meetings. The choice is yours.
You can assign as many tasks to me as you wish. I will complete them one after another. It’s that simple.
I will revise each design until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.
No need to worry about handling multiple projects. My maximum capacity is five customers.
You can pause or cancel the retainer at any time. This gives you all the freedom you've ever wanted when working with unreliable creatives.
You can be assured of receiving the best possible experience, both in terms of design and communication.
Don't waste your precious startup time.
Move fast.
Schedule chat to discsuss the ideal plan, or test the waters with the free trial.
Dedicated designer
Private Slack channel
One request at a time
Sweat equity deals
Pause or cancel at any time
No calls
Schedule Chat
Recurring calls with the designer
Your communication channel
Dedicated designer
Sweat equity deals
One request at a time
Pause or cancel at any time
Schedule Chat
Schedule a chat
to discuss custom pricing that fits your needs.
Product Design
Responsive Design
Website Design
Landing Pages
Design System
Product Presentations
Social Media
Pitch Decks
What's the difference between the Sync package and the Async package?

The Sync package includes the designer (me) as an active member of your team. I will join your team's meetings (stand-ups, huddles, syncs, emergency calls) and your preferred communication channel. Ideal for anyone who wants to move fast.

They Async package reduces communication. You will join a Slack channel that will be created specifically for you. Ideal for anyone who doesn't need an active designer.

Startups usually choose the Sync package for the first month and then downgrade.

What does one active task at a time mean?

Designer will only work on one project for you at a time. This ensures that Humbl Design can give full attention and resources to this task, and deliver high-quality work in a timely manner.

Once the designer completed the current task, he will send you the design for approval.

In the meantime, he will start working on the next design, until you provide some feedback on the previous one.

Isn't this quite expensive?

Humbl Design usually covers several positions: Product Designer, Ux Designer, Website Designer, Website Developer (Webflow), Social Media Graphic Designer.

The industry average salary for just a senior product designer is $120,000 plus benefits & overhead costs (in the US).

Humbl Design offers the same type of work for much lower cost a year. You can also cancel the subscription at any time without any legal work.

What if I don't like the design?

No worries. With this type of engagement, you have unlimited revisions. So the designer will keep iterating until you are 100% satisfied.

How many design requests can I make?

As many as you want to. Humbl Design offers an unlimited design requests subscription with one active task at a time.

Who are the designers?

Humbl Design is a one-man operation run by David. So you will be directly working with the founder on all design tasks.

I'm a startup, can I set up a SWEAT deal?

Sure! Humbl Design collaborates with the o simplify the process of creating equity contracts.

The usual SWEAT rate is between 30 and 50%.

Schedule a chat to discuss.

Can I request refund?

Humbl Design believes, that this subscription is a high quality service (from both design and communication perspective). Therefore, there are currently no refunds available.

However, you can cancel this subscription at any time and resume.

Why is your page so simple?

I want this landing page to correlate with my flow. Simplicity, attention to detail, full transparency, and without fluff. That's how I work.