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Schedule your first design call

During the first meeting you can assign the first task to the designer.

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The designer will begin working on your task and should have the first version ready in about 72 hours, on average.

Looking For a Pro Design?

Receiving a brand new design can take weeks. Design contractors are usually pretty busy. They don't provide you with the right relationship.

Does this sound familiar?:

  • Changing the scope of work leads to the price increase
  • It takes days (sometimes weeks) to schedule a chat
  • Designers aren't team members and don't follow your vision
Assistant To The Regional Manager
Yo, David we will need you soon to design a new product page 🎨 Can you include it in your pipeline of tasks?
CEO @ Athlead
Hi David, we will need a new design soon! 💜. I will send you a PRD in a few days. Thanks!
Owner @ WUPHF.com
We're having a meeting with an investor 🧑 on Friday. Can you design a short deck for us? 
Founder @ Shoe La La
I've just invited you to our standups. It usually takes 5-10 mins. We discuss blockers and current tasks 👍
"David redesigned our web app from the ground up. He does great work, is thorough, quick when needed, receptive to feedback, and mostly importantly super easy to work with. He's a master at taking user stories and converting them to refined designs. David is also useful to bounce ideas off of and go into the weeds to snuff out inconsistencies in product requirements. At implementation time as changes inevitably need to be made, David has been flexible to adapt and dynamically reorder priorities to put out a product on time. Looking forward to continue working together!"

Noel Moldvai

Co-Founder at Augment


Why Humbl Design?

Unlimited Revisions

Get the best possible product with no hidden costs for extra rounds of revisions.

Fast Turnarounds

The first version of the design is usually delivered within 24-72hrs.

Unlimited Tasks

An infinite pipeline of design tasks with one active task at a time.

Standups, Meetings & More

Communication is the key. Humbl will join your standups, huddles and syncs.

Cancel At Any Time

No binding contract. You can cancel or pause at any time. Everything is up to you.

No Hidden Fees

Feel confident in your investment and don't worry about any hidden fees.

Clear Communication Is Key to Success

Humbl design will join your team's communication channel and attend your standups, weekly product syncs, and any quick huddles.

  • Collaborative standups to ensure we're on the same page
  • Weekly product syncs to discuss design updates and more
  • Quick huddles for any urgent design needs or questions
Yo, David we will need you soon to design a new product page 🎨 Can you include it in your pipeline of tasks?
Hi David, we will need a new design soon! 💜. I will send you a PRD in a few days. Thanks!
We're having a meeting with an investor 🧑 on Friday. Can you design a short deck for us? 
I've just invited you to our standups. It usually takes 5-10 mins. We discuss blockers and current tasks 👍

Example of how can a potential conversation look like


Wonder What Can We Work On?

Create a task list with one active task at a time. The active task is the main focus for Humbl Design.

In Review
📊 UX
high priority
User Interview
Schedule interview with our users.
Created 1/10/2023
View more
🎨 product
high priority
MVP product design
Create UI for our first pages
Created 1/16/2023
View more
🌐 website
mid priority
Sales page
Design a simple sales page.
Created 12/30/2022
View more
🌐 website
MVP website
Create MVP version of our website
Created 10/30/2022
View more
👋 general
mid priority
Upcoming phases chat
Need to schedule a chat do discuss our V2
Created 1/16/2023
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🎨 product
Product meeting
First meeting regarding features
Created 7/25/2022
View more
🎨 product
low priority
Profile page
Design our profile page
Created 12/23/2022
View more
👋 general
Strategy session
Discussing our business, goals and vision
Created 1/10/2023
View more
📣 marketing
low priority
Social media posts
Template for our LinkedIn posts
Created 7/25/2022
View more
David provided a professional service and great UI designs for the Refundid website. My team came to David with a first draft of designs for the Refundid website, David was able to find technical flaws in our original drafts, mend these and also improve on the overall aesthetic of our website. David has a great eye for creating professional UI designs and was able to generate some truly innovative ideas which assisted us reveal the Refundid brand to our customers.

Judd Katz

Co-Founder at Refundid

What's Included

Turning Ideas Into Reality.

Sign up for a monthly engagement and receive an unlimited design support.

Product Design
Responsive Design
Website Design
Landing Pages
Design System
Social Media
Product Presentations
Pitch Decks

Humbl Design Testimonials

Take a look at our customers and their experience with Humbl Design.

David is such an experienced designer. He helped us redefine our brand image and evoke our core values through our UI.

Joel Aaron - Co-Founder @ Refundid

David did a great job with designing and launching our website. On short notice, he was able to come up with a design and strategy that really tapped into the brand ethos we were looking for. He was super helpful along the way and always available to help even with time differences. I definitely recommend David for any of your website design needs, as he is talented, works efficiently, and is patient. Cheers,Adam

Adam Crawley - Co-Founder @ Augment

David is an exceptional website designer. His attention to detail and dedication to seek perfection at every aspect of the website is commendable. David is very collaborative and has excellent communication skills. He quickly understands the vision and applies it very effectively with a touch of his own design flair.

Amarjit Singh - Co-Founder @ WEQA

I can recommend David to anyone who is looking for a fresh modern & clean yet engaging website. Working with David was a truly amazing experience. He provided us with a great UX recommendations and his UI skills were outstanding. His creative approach helped us to solve many problems. We are so happy with the outcome! 10/10

Martin Jisa - Co-Founder @ Checkmate Kiosk

I've now worked with David on multiple website marketing landing pages. David understood the project brief well and developed on-brand and user-friendly landing pages with very clear CTA's. And all within tight timelines. He is easy to work with, dedicated, a great communicator and willing to go the extra mile for his customers. Thank you David!

Marilyn Martin- Sr. Content Marketing Consultant

David was recommended to me by a top design agency in Sydney. The owner of the agency said that David was easy to work with and very talented. He was right. We’ve worked with David for months on a project that ended up being larger than what we expected. David himself work tirelessly on our website always showing a very positive attitude and patience. David stands by his commitment to his clients and shows how much he cares about transforming businesses. I highly recommend David to anyone looking for a professional website.

Gloria Figueroa - E-commerce Digital Marketer and Project Lead

David is great to work with - responsive, collaborative and excellent at communicating. He takes care to understand the brief and follows a really clear process, which makes project planning and timing smooth. he works hard and won't give up until he's got it right! He's excellent at recommending best practice ways to get the best landing page and site performance. His designs hit the mark and do a great job. Overall, David is a great web designer to work with. I'd thoroughly recommend him and will be continuing to work with him in the future.

Fiona Stevens - CMO @ Lendi Group

David has been a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond in ensuring the highest quality of service into developing our website. I cannot recommend David highly enough. He is a wizard of his speciality.

Ariah Michel - Director @ Drinxfactory

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Most Common Questions

What is the difference between the "Sync" and the "Async" plan?

Sync: A real member of your team, who attends meetings and is part of your communication processes. A dedicated designer (the founder of Humbl Designer) will join your team's communication channel. This allows streamlining the processes and generally speeding up the good work. This package is ideal for companies that need to scale quickly, have a designer on demand and plan on scheduling daily/weekly meetings with the designer.

Async: The founder of Humble Design will create a design dashboard (Trello). In the dashboard you can create as many design tasks as you want with one active task at a time. This package doesn't include meetings, chats or any other sort of communication (everything is productized). This package is ideal for companies with a solid processes so they can create high quality briefs.

What does one active task at a time mean?

Designer will only work on one project for you at a time. This ensures that Humbl Design can give full attention and resources to this task, and deliver high-quality work in a timely manner. Once the designer completed the current task, he will send you the design for approval. In the meantime, he will start working on the next design, until you provide some feedback on the previous one.

Why so pricey?

Great question. Humbl Design usually covers several positions: Product Designer, Ux Designer, Website Designer, Website Developer (Webflow), Social Media Graphic Designer. The industry average salary for just a senior product designer is $120,000 plus benefits & overhead costs (in the US). Humbl design offers the same type of work for $53,388 a year, which is approx. 46% less. You can also cancel the subscription at any time without any legal work.

What if I don't like the design?

That is all fine! With this type of engagement, you have unlimited revisions. So the designer will keep iterating until you are 100% satisfied.

How many design requests can I make?

As many as you want to! Humbl Design offers an unlimited design requests subscription with one active task at a time.

Who are the designers?

Humbl Design is a one-man operation run by David. So you will be directly working with the founder on all design tasks.

Can I request refund?

Humbl Design believes, that this subscription is a high quality service (from both design and communication perspective). Therefore, there are currently no refunds available. However, you can cancel this subscription at any time and resume.

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